V.A. - "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks" - A Compilation For Ania Mehring

2016  |  Santa Sangre Magazine  |  mp3 / flac

- MOAN - "Not Yet"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in September / October 2016

Other artists on this compilation:
Rapoon, Robert Rich, Biosphere, Troum, Taphephobia, Atomine Elektrine, Asmorod, Tor Lundvall, Shinkiro, Apocryphos, S.E.T.I., Shrine, Machinefabriek, Micromelancoliť, Monopium, Niedowierzanie, Miu & K., 7JK, Deutsch Nepal & Varunna, Lenz & Michele Corgnoli, Naevus, MARS, Tony Wakeford, Albireon, Andrew King, ‘ Paradis, Sieben, While Angels Watch, Cisfinitum, Darkrad, In Slaughter Natives (feat. Cecilia BjšrgŲ), Apoptose, Skadi, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Nam-khar, Phurpa, Nordvargr, Ouroboros, Schloss Tegal, Phragments, Deison, Dead Factory, TeH‘M, Monocube, Inner Vision Laboratory, Ab Intra, Cindytalk, Moljebka Pvlse, Dead Voices On Air, Elizabeth Veldon, Velge Naturlig, Neddal Ayad, Leila Abdul-Rauf & Nathan A. Verrill, Daina Dieva, Hoshin (feat. Sara), Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana, Enten Hitti, Mathias Grassow, Dirk Serries, Cities Last Broadcast, Celer.

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V.A. - Noizemaschin!! London #8

2016  |  Noizemaschin!! (ART-NM#044)  |  mp3 / flac

- MOAN - "Caught In Time (live edit) feat. Jason Alder"
- Jason Alder - "Improvisation for Bass Clarinet and Reverb feat. MOAN"

Live recordings at NOIZEMASCHIN!! #8, 11.07.2016, The Amersham Arms, London

Other artists on this compilation:
BitBreeder, Rory Hy≥dyŤk, Xavier Velastin, Precocious Mouse, Non-Bio, Jason Alder, Project Mycelium

Free on-line compilation!

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V.A. - "...why I remember?..."

2009  |  2 cd-r, limited to 150 copies

- MOAN - "The shadows"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in March / April 2009

Other artists on this compilation:
Life's Decay, Sympathetic Division, Judgehydrogen, Verney 1826, Horse Gives Birth To Fly,
Metrom, Mystified, VladimŪr Hirsch, Daniel Zalewski, Contemplatron, Lu, Ancient Tundra,
Hellbone Frost, Carsten Vollmer vs TodesindŁstrie, Nemeseis, Multipoint Injector,No Heaven,
Immundus, Dispersion Of Light, !koS + Eugeniusz Bialkiewicz, Kristus Kut, Forgotten Ruins,
NauseA, Proxenus, AKHII, Abhorrent Beauty, Eldar, Avgrunnskodde, Astra Autisma, H2S & GOJ.

Released in double folded cardboard sleeve.

V.A. - "No Abiding Places"

2006  |  AFE Records (afe030lcd)  |  cd-r, limited to 200 copies

- MOAN - "Access"
- MOAN - "Bridge"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in December 2001 / January 2002

Other artists on this compilation:
aal, Amon, Bad Sector, Bestia Centauri, Canaan, Etere-o, Non Ethos, Ornament, Subinterior, Subterraean Source, True Colour Of Blood.

Released in pro-printed triple folded cardboard sleeve.

V.A. - "Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of AFE"

2006  |  AFE Records (afe080mp3)  |  mp3

- MOAN - "Body bag (flashback)"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in January 2006.

A free on-line compilation released to celebrate 10th year of activities of AFE Records.
Includes contributions by more than 250 international electronic and alternative musicians / bands. Features about 400 tracks!!!

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V.A. - "The Sound Of Nothingness"

2005  |  Void Rekordz (VOID005)  |  2 cd-r

- MOAN - "Disintegration"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in August / September 2004

Other artists on this compilation:
Ambience, Cold Fusion, Bisclaveret, Halo Manash, Bad Sector, Totenhaus, The Well of Sadness, Pancreatic Aardvarks, Kult, The M.M.V.P., Vinterriket, ¬mes Sanglantes, Der Feuerkreiner, Desolation Zone, Northaunt, Lidagon Velpecula, OneforJude, Shrinking Cities.

Released in double dvd case.
(also issued on MOAN - "Works 2002-2006")

V.A. - "Oderint, dum metuant"

2004  |  Beast Of Prey  |  cd-r, promo sampler

- MOAN - "... absorbť ..."

Moan's tracks recorded & mixed during February / June 2003.

Other artists on this compilation:
Desiderii Marginis, Artefactum, V-1, Kraina Mroku, Arkham, Anticreative Deathinition, Mrok, Cold Fusion, Totenhaus, KrÍpulec.

V.A. - "Ill-uminations"

2003  |  Friends For Friends (F4F 06)  |  2 cd-r

- MOAN - "Disconnected"
- as VISE - "Fallen angel"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in March / April 2003
Vise track recorded & mixed in 2000

Other artists on this compilation:
Afar, Blare For A, Busso De La Lune, C.H. District, Dead Factory, Delog, Diakof, Genetic Transmission, Jagged M.D., Multipoint Injector, Mantichora, Palsecam, Lukasz Pawlak, Poise, Protribencky, Shiri, Maciek Szymczuk, Ultragoth, Where The Soil Is Closer Than The Sky (feat. Andrey Kiritchenko), Wulgata.

Released in double dvd box includes colour stickers with a short info about each artist.

V.A. - "Avalanche Industrial Sounds"

2003  |  Night Room Records (NRR - 2003)  |  cd-r

- MOAN - "Disconnected (live 23.11.2002)"
- PALSECAM - "There's no way (Stray remix by MOAN)"

Moan's track recorded in November 2002
Palsecam track remixed in March 2000

Other artists on this compilation:
Plankton, Circus Twist, Fidgety Dream, Kimberly Austin-Choir's, Worm, Silence, Robi, Rosgarden, Progressive Suicide, Dachau, Helter Skelter.

V.A. - "Zamrozeni / Frozen"

2003  |  Dabrowa Basin Art Institute  |  cd-r

- MOAN - "Drifting on the floe"

Moan's track recorded & mixed in January 2003 for Dabrowa Basin Art Institute for art action
and "Frozen" compilation.

Other artists on this compilation:
Nemezis vs C.H. District, Diakof, Delog, C.H. District.

Released in special polystyrene and foiled package.
(also issued on MOAN - "Works 2002-2006")


2002  |  Mizantrophy Label (M.L.P. 02)  |  cd-r

- MULTIPOINT INJECTOR - "Sin by sin ("Severe illusions" - MOAN remix)"

remixed in August 2002

Other artists on this compilation remixed MULTIPOINT INJECTOR:
C.H. District, Audacity.Govv, Grafferus V., Wulgata, Poise vs. C.H. District.

(also issued on MOAN - "Works 1999-2002").

V.A. - "AFE Sampler #2"

2002  |  AFE Records (afesamp2)  |  2 cd-r, promo sampler

- MOAN - "Clear your consciousness (excerpt)"
- MOAN - "Between / Associated (excerpt)"

Track "Clear..." recorded & mixed during January / March 2001
Track "Between ..." recorded in March 2002

Other artists on this compilation:
(8-), Autistre, Bad Sector, Bill Catez, De Fabriek, Dj Lips, Dronaement, Elephant Zyclus,
Frog Pocket, Nat Evans, I.N. Fused, Kabal, Kluster Cold, Komplet, Brian Lavelle, Leeza, Lips Vago, Andrea Marutti, Nimh, Parallel, Peter Percept, Rensek, Raffaele Serra, Snotra, Spiral, Telepherique, True Colour Of Blood, Ultra Milkmaids, Wolkspurz & Ramirez.

Released in cardboard sleeve + inserts with full color printed artwork.

V.A. - "SLEEP WELL chapter I (compilation of the ambient bits)"

2002  |  Requiem Records / 3  |  cd-r

- as HUMAN INPUT - "Lust"

recorded & mixed in 2001

Other artists on this compilation:
Sing Sing Penelope, Bexa Lala, KoŮca Taniec, Jerzy KorzeŮ, Przemek Thiele, Maciej Staniecki, Rosegarden, Selene Aqva Dvctae, Busso De La Lune, Where The Soil Is Closer Than The Sky.

Released in cardboard sleeve.

V.A. - "City Songs vol. I"

2001  |  Requiem Records (CS 01)  |  cd-r, limited to 100 copies

- "Hidden (NEMEZIS vs MOAN)"

remixed in June 2000

Other artists on this compilation:
KoŮca Taniec, Schistosoma, Zenial, Job Karma, White Nerve Connexion, Genetic Transmission.

Released in cardboard sleeve.

V.A. - "Music Carries The Wind"

2001  |  Free Eye (Free Eye 00001)  |  cd-r, limited to 51 copies

- MOAN - "The day starts at 10.00 P.M."

Moan's recorded & mixed in November 2000.

Other artists on this compilation:
Karpaty Magiczne, Le Plastique Mystification, Nemezis, Paul Wirkus, Mo≥r Drammaz, Neoeleusis,
Spear, W6W.

Released in special handmade wooden and plastic twisted with screws package.

V.A. - "Noisy Germs II"

1997  |  self released  |  cassette c-60

- MOAN - "Thoughts grower (Hypnotic mix)"

Moan's track recorded in August 1996.

Other artists on this compilation:
Red Room, The Raport, Mercy Man, Evil Creates Evil, Messerschmitt, World Of Hurt, Origami Replika, Lasse Marhaug, Hermit.